Monday, March 18, 2013

CLI-based URL scanner for Windows

What is Quttera URL Scanner

Quttera URL Scanner is a command-line based URL scanner designed especially for URL investigation and detection of malicious files and suspicious scripts hidden in legitimate web content. This application is a freeware and it is very useful for web-sites owners as it could be used as a tool for periodic rescan of managed web site in order to detect injected hidden suspicious and malicious content before it harms their business. Quttera URL Scanner provided as a command-line interface (CLI) utility which core is the specially crafted, patent pending Quttera investigation engine. Quttera URL Scanner recursively downloads content of the URL and then investigates it using Quttera investigation engine. Current version utilizes an open source web crawler wget which is distributed under GNU GPL V2 license.

Technology description

Quttera investigation engine is a not-signature based, behavior analysis investigation engine capable to recognize and detect software vulnerability exploits, shell-codes, malicious JavaScript scripts and malicious executable code hidden in legitimate web content like HTML pages, movies, images, PDF files and others.

Investigation engine main parts:

  • X86 emulator for detection of shell-codes and sensible, malicious sequences of executable CPU instructions
  • JavaScript emulator for detection of malicious JavaScript code and HTML pages
  • PDF reader emulator for detection of malicious PDF files
For downloads and more info visit here: command-line based URL scanner

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