Sunday, October 27, 2013

Largest Israeli's Vehicle Group Website Was Hacked And Defaced

Quttera's experts were notified on hacked website detected via Online Website Malware Scanner. When accessed the URL it appeared to be defaced, see screenshot below. The domain belongs to Shlomo Sixt - the largest Israeli's vehicle group. From the message in the defacement we can assume that it was done by the same hackers who performed DNS attack on AVG, Avira and WhatsApp earlier this month (image is below as well).

Shlomo Sixt website hacked. Screenshot. 

Looks similar to:

AVG, AVira and WhatsApp websites hacked by pro-Palestinian hackers

We haven't found any posts in press about it. It is hard to say whether it was DNS attack like in AVG/Avira/whatsApp case or any other. No official comments by Sixt's representatives found over the internet. We can only say that it was fixed promptly, and hope that no sensitive user data was stolen.

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