Thursday, February 12, 2015

Websites hacked by KkK1337 and NG689Skw

Hackers compromising vulnerable websites and defacing them


Recently, our malware clean-up experts worked on sites that were hacked by KkK1337 hackers. Some sites were hacked, with the help of another team - NG689Skw. One of the notes included the following text: Developers Newbie ~ Indonesia Stealth Cyber Army ~ Amuntai Hacker Team

As per Google and some other resources, the hacked websites count is around 170 (List of sites).

As of today, we were not informed of any other damage by those groups, besides defacement and business websites that went off due to clean-up activities.


Here are some signs of the infection that we posted on pastebin:

Encoded infection - team logo body

Decoded infection

Few screenshots from compromised websites

If you suspect your website was compromised or would like us to remove the malware, please select from ThreatSign - website monitoring and malware clean-up plans. To run free remote scan of your websites:

For other questions, do not hesitate to contact Quttera help-desk.

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