Friday, April 5, 2013

Malicious HTTP redirection to web site hosting malware

HTTP redirection to web site hosting malware


Online Website Malware Scanner has detected website that implements suspicious redirection to external web resource. Visitors to this website are redirected to the URL that distributes malware.

Malicious action

Malicious redirect is used to reroute the web browser of the visitor from the site he wanted to reach to the malicious website.

Website malware scan report

Submission date: Fri Apr 5 00:35:07 2013
Infected website's files: 1
Website malware scan report:

Website malware scan report

Malicious redirection detection snapshot:

Redirection to malicious URL

Malware entry details

HTTP redirection to website hosting malware http://just15[.][.]page/disabled.cgi/ 

Blacklisting status

Google Safe Browsing report

Malware clean-up

For WordPress based websites this kind of malware is often hidden in the .htaccess file.  If your website was infected by similar malware and you need help please use Website Anti-malware Monitoring for remediation assessment.

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