Friday, April 5, 2013

Hidden iframe to remote website distributing malware

Hidden iframe linking to malicious website


Online Website Malware Scanner has identified iframe with source attribute ('src') containing URL to malicious website. The iframe's 'height' and 'width' attributes are set to very small values so that actually they it is not seen to the visitor. The threat was detected on 3 pages.

Malicious action

Malicious iframes are often used to distribute malware hosted on external web resources(websites).

Website malware scan report

Submission date: Fri Apr 5 18:18:39 2013
Infected website's files: 3
Website malware scan report:

Website malware report

Threat dump:

Malicious iframe

Malware entry details

Iframe source linked to malicious website.

Blacklisting status

Google safe browsing report

Malware clean-up

Such malware is often hidden inside the HTML file. Just look in your files for iframe tags and review them carefully. Remove any malicious iframe tags. The effect might be temporary since the malware usually auto generated by scripts and more actions might be required to fully clean the site. If your website was infected by similar malware and you need help please use Website Anti-malware Monitoring for remediation assessment.

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